Saving a Directory Search

How to save a search while using the Directory.

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Using the Directory to search contacts using keywords and filters can save you time. This article details how you can save a search you've created, allowing you to come back and easily run the same results to look for updates.

Create Your Search

You will want to begin by creating a search in the Directory as shown below. In this example, we have used three filters to narrow down to a specific group of contacts. We chose Art Producers in the United States at Advertising Agencies.

Save Your Search

Once your search has been created and you are ready to save you will click the Save button indicated with the arrow in the above image.

This will open a modal giving you the option to "Save as a new search" or "Update an existing search".

  • If selecting "Save as a new search" you can enter the name of the search you want to save and click Save Search.

  • If selecting "Update an existing search" you can click into the dropdown allowing you to select from your existing searches to update. Once you select the search name you are updating you can click Save Search.

Pro Tip: You can use the "Pin saved search to launchpad" check box. This will Pin the search to the top of your Saved Searches.

Once you have saved your search, it will now show in your Saved searches as shown below. If using the Pin option, it will show the Pinned search at the top of the list.

Load Your Search

To load a saved search you can use the Load button on the top right corner of the screen next to Filters. This will open a dropdown with a list of your existing saved searches.

You can also choose to use the three-dot menu option to the right of the search name under Saved searches which will give you the option to Load, Pin/Unpin, Rename or Delete your saved search.

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