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Changing your Membership or Email Plan, Modifying your Password and Profile
Changing your Membership or Email Plan, Modifying your Password and Profile

Upgrade or downgrade your membership, change your email plan and update your password within your account settings.

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In your Account Settings, you can make changes to your membership. Upgrade your membership to access more data or downgrade to less data or email credits while you are not marketing as much. You can also change your password and control other account-related information in this section.


Access the Account/Settings window by clicking the "Account" link from your dashboard or select the bubble with your initials, towards the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, by clicking your initials and then selecting "Settings."


Update your address, email and other important contact information here.


In the "Password" section, you are able to reset your password.


The "Membership" section will list what database package and email plan you are subscribed to. In this section, you can switch from a monthly to an annual plan to unlock export, or change your plan if needed. To change your membership or email plan, simply click "Change Plan", and navigate through the next screens to update your account.

Tip: Downgrades or changes to a membership of equal value, or downgrades to email plans, will take effect on the next renewal date. Upgrades to a higher value membership or email plan will take effect immediately and result in an additional prorated charge for the current billing period you are in.

Select a new database package, an email plan, or both. Make your selections and click "Continue & Review" to move to the next steps.

After making your selections you will be brought to a new screen that shows your new monthly payment amount as well as the pro rated amount charged today for the remainder of the existing month/year. Select the "Purchase Plan" button or if you change your mind, select "I'd like to keep my current plan."


If you are looking for copies of your invoices or need to update your credit card information on your account, you can do all this within the billing section. Be sure to check out our help article, Updating Billing Information and Viewing Invoice History for help addressing these important needs.

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