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Creating Handpicked Lists - Contacts
Creating Handpicked Lists - Contacts

Individually select contacts and add them to your marketing lists.

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Individually selecting contacts and adding them to your list is called a Handpicked list. We will walk you through how to add individual contacts from the Directory to one of your marketing lists.

Add Contacts from the Directory

If you know the contact you are looking to add to your list, search for them by name or utilize the Filters within the Directory.

Once in the Contacts section, you can enter the name of the Contact as a Keyword search or utilize the Filters to narrow your results.

When you locate the contact you will then check the box to the left of the contact's name. Doing so will select this contact and open a toolbar at the bottom of the page. You can now click the green three-dot menu option which will allow you to click "Add to List", "Manage Tags" or "Print Labels".

The "Manage Lists" or "Manage Tags" modal will open, allowing you to create a new list/tag or select from a list you already built. Once your selections are made click the "Save" button, and you will see a success bubble indicating your changes have been saved. To create a new list or tag select the green plus button at the top right corner of the modal.

Locating Your Handpicked Contacts in a List

If you would like to double-check and make sure these new contacts have been added to your list, navigate to your "Lists" page and edit the list you added the contacts to. You should see a new "Handpicked Segment" with the contacts you added within.

Each list will only have one Handpicked segment, this just means if there was already a Handpicked segment on your list, the contacts will be added to the existing Handpicked Segment.

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