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Creating a List Within List Builder
Creating a List Within List Builder

Create your perfect marketing list based on a range of criteria including, specialties, role, location, and more.

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Building a list is the first step in your marketing journey. Our comprehensive List Builder allows you to choose segments and create your perfect marketing list based on a range of criteria including specialties, role, location, and more.

The List Build

First, start by navigating to the List Builder. Click the "Create List" button located in the middle of the page to start building your marketing list.

After clicking "Create List," a modal will pop up. Here, you will give your list a name and choose a folder (optional). Then, click "Continue."

Once your list has a name, another modal will pop up; "Add a List Segment." Think of segments as the building blocks to your list. Segments are company types such as:

  • Agencies

  • Design Firms

  • Magazines

  • Corporations

Start by selecting the first company type you would like to work on; use the criteria to narrow down your segment. If choosing Agencies as your company type you are given the option of limiting your results to only Agencies working on accounts for major brands. To do so, you can check the box shown below.

Once your company type is selected, you can now choose from specialty, location, role, email preferences and attribute. At that point, you can then build segments based on who opened and clicked your email promos. As you select criteria your segment results will get more and more targeted. The more time you spend making sure the contacts on your list are relevant, the better your results will be.

Once you have your criteria defined, click the "Add Segment" button. Here you will see a compilation of contacts and companies that meet your specified criteria.

You can now choose to make contact and company selections from the segment you just created, or you can choose to add other segments that will be part of your list, i.e., additional company types.

To add another segment, click the green plus symbol in the "All Segments" section. This action will bring you to another "Add a List Segment" modal. Repeat the steps above to create a new segment that will be part of your overall list.

After you have all your segments added, you can start refining your list by selecting contacts and companies. You can check and uncheck contacts and companies from the "All Segments" tab, or you can click on one segment at a time on the left-hand side; this way, you know precisely what company types you are making selections from.


A hyphen indicates an indeterminate state and lets you know some or all of the company's contacts are currently selected.

Arrow in Contact Column

This function allows you to view the full list of the contacts that met your criteria within that company. You may also select individual contacts from a company to add to your list.


As you work, your list will autosave every few minutes.


To stop editing or close out of the list builder application, click the "X" in the screen's top right-hand corner; our application will automatically save your list.


Using filters is an excellent way for members to refine lists swiftly and surface the important contacts to the top. Read more about how to use filters when building and refining a list here.

Once you've completed refining your list, you will see a saved copy of your list within your "Lists" page along with the total amount of contacts it contains.

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