The Agency Access Directory is full of Contacts, Companies and Brands. Members can search in either of these sections to locate the data they desire.

Searching Contacts

From the "Contacts Directory," you can search for a contact's full or partial name. To maximize your results, you can also search for a company type, location, role, and whether they are in the Agency Access Directory or within your Personal Contacts database. Once you have the details added to the search console, select the "Search" button to query your results.

If you get the results you were looking for, that's great! If not, try using the "Contains" and "Starts with" options within the "Keyword" search box to widen your results. You can also add and remove additional filters to help your search.

Pro Tip: If the contact is not listed in our Directory, you can Get in Touch or send an email to and request our Research Department adds this contact to the database.

Searching Companies

To search by Company, navigate to the "Company Directory." Within the keyword search box, add the company name you are looking to locate. Click the "Search" button; this will query your search and populate your results.

While you are in the "Company Directory," you can perform more searches by entering the company name into the keyword search box. Hit the magnifying glass to the right, or hit the enter key; this will also query your search and populate your results. Similar to a "Contact Search," you can add additional filters or utilize the "Contains" or "Starts with" selections to narrow your search to help better identify the company.

Brand Search

If you are looking to identify what ad agency is handling a specific Brand account, you can use our "Brand Directory." Enter the Brand's name and click "Search."

On the results page, you will see all the Companies and Brands associated with your search. From this page, you can review the agencies that advertise for the Brand under the "Agencies" column.

If you are interested in Corporations that handle their own marketing, click the company name or the three-dot menu, and select "View Company" to be brought to the Brand's in-house marketing team.

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