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Restoring Lists from Pending Deletion
Restoring Lists from Pending Deletion

How to restore lists after downgrading an annual membership to monthly membership

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Because monthly plans are limited to 10 lists and annual plans allow up to 30 lists, it's possible that after downgrading your annual subscription, you will lose access to previously saved lists. This article will teach you how to restore lists marked for deletion after downgrading your membership.

Restoring lists marked for deletion

Monthly plans are limited to 10 lists. After downgrading your annual plan, your 10 most recently edited lists will remain active. The rest of your lists get automatically marked for deletion in 90 days. During this period, you may choose to delete one or more of your active lists, and by doing so, you will create room to restore lists marked for deletion.

To restore a list, you first need to make room by deleting one of the ten lists you have saved in the all lists folder on your saved lists page. Once deleted, you will notice that the 10 of 10 lists change to 9 of 10, leaving you room to restore one of the lists marked for deletion. Once this is done, click on the View Lists Pending Deletion link in the message alert at the top of the page.

After clicking, you will be brought to the pending deletion page. On this page, click the three-dot menu next to the list you want to keep and choose restore.

This will move the list from your pending deletion area to your master saved list page.

That's all you need to do. You can repeat these steps until you have restored all the lists you chose. You will have the full 90 days to restore past lists, but once the 90 days are up, you will no longer be able to retrieve them, so be sure to keep a close eye on the allotted timeframe.

Alternatively, if you determine you need the additional lists, consider switching back to an annual plan that includes 30 lists in total.

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