Consistent design and branding are important elements of marketing. In this article, we will show you how to save an email design you created in our Email Builder as a template. Having a saved template to work from each time you send an email will help you keep a consistent look and feel, and it will save you valuable time.

My Template

From your drafts page, locate the email you already designed that you wish to save as a template. Expand the three-dot menu and click "Save as Template". This will make a duplicate copy of that template and lock it for future use as a starting-off point the next time you want to design an email.

A modal will appear and you can give your template a name. Once you name your template, click "Save."

You will be brought to the "Choose a template" screen and will now see your saved template within the My Templates tab. Moving forward, when you go to build a new email, you will be directed to the My Templates tab.

Now that you have successfully saved a template you can select "Use this Template" and you will be editing a new copy of the template you saved. You can choose to edit the master template at any time by selecting "Edit Template".

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