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Submitting Database Corrections and Website Feedback
Submitting Database Corrections and Website Feedback

Get in touch with our Research Department to submit corrections & updates and supply website feedback to our Development Department.

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The Agency Access Directory has over 75,000 creative contacts. We update every company in our database several times a year and we pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date and comprehensive database in the industry. However, we are not perfect but with the help of our members, we get close. Many times our members have information before the public does. Submitting corrections to our Research Department helps keep our database current. In this article, we will review how to submit database corrections, make requests for new contacts and companies and notify us of your website feedback.

Database Corrections

Maybe you know a creative contact that has left their position from one agency and you already know where they've moved on to. Maybe you are a sports photographer looking for more major league baseball teams to be added to the Directory. Perhaps you don't know the names of the contacts but you got wind that an ad agency's creative department recently hired a bunch of new creatives. All these scenarios are a good reason to contact our Research Department.


From the left-hand navigation bar, click the feedback icon and then click Submit Correction. This will open up your default email client and pre-fill an email. Add the information you want to submit and our researchers will get to work. You will receive updates every few days on the progress we are making and once the data goes live we will send along a confirmation email letting you know that you can now utilize the new data.

Website Feedback

  • Have an idea for a cool new feature?

  • Have an enhancement request to our List Builder?

  • Getting an "Oops" error on our website or some other bug?

  • Just have some general feedback you want to share?

It's our members that help our site develop to be as good as it is. With feedback (good or bad), we can release more updates to help our members. We have a great system for documenting requests and these days we are releasing updates every two weeks. Chances are, not only will you be taken seriously, you will not have to wait years for a release to hit our platform!

Select the same Feedback Icon located in the left-hand navigation bar, then click "Submit Feedback." This email goes directly to our development team, a case will be opened, the requests are prioritized and it's added to our development roadmap. Once decisions are made and when the requests are released, you will hear from us.

Feedback Emails

Save these emails for future requests or to keep them handy in your address book.

Website Feedback -

Database Corrections -

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