Updating your credit card number, changing its expiration date or supplying a new billing address can be done within the account settings. In this article we lay out the steps to update this important billing information.

Updating Your Billing Information

If you are a new member or a legacy member that has already converted into one of our new membership plans, you can update your billing information within the app. From the main dashboard after you log in, go to your account or settings modal.

Once you are in the settings modal select the Membership section and then click on View Invoice. This will bring you into your billing pages.

From this page, select the Edit link within the billing information section.

Once you select edit, the billing information will open up and you can edit this information. You can update the name of the credit card holder, credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing address. Once you updated your information be sure to select the Update button to save your changes. That's it, you're done!

Legacy Members

If you are still a legacy member and haven't renewed into one of our new programs yet, you will need to contact payments@agencyaccess.com and someone from our Finance Department will help you update your billing information on file.

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