Email Recipients List Counter

Our email recipients list counter helps determine what the final size of your email list will be before sending or scheduling a campaign.

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Contacts in the Agency Access Directory or even your Personal Contacts have all different types of email statuses. The Email Recipients List Counter will help members determine their final list size before sending or scheduling that important email campaign.

Recipients List Status

When you are setting up your email, and after selecting your lists, tags, and individual recipients, you can view the breakdown of your combined email sending list. Within the green bubble, select the information alert icon to view the breakdown.

Now that your recipients have been added, some of your lists may require an update. This will be indicated with a green “Review Changes” button to the right of the list name. Clicking the “Review Changes” button will prompt you to refresh that individual list. See our How to Refresh a Saved List help article for help with this if needed.

The list counter will break your emails out into five categories. Although four of the five categories are not mailable, there is an explanation for each one. This information is crucial when planning out your marketing as it will help you identify how to get your work in front of these critical decision-makers.

Accepts Email

These contacts have indicated they are open to being contacted via email. These contacts have also been identified as deliverable through our email system. To maintain a good sending reputation with all major ESP's (Email Service Providers), we only allow members to send this category out through our system.

Unreachable by email

These contacts have been flagged as unreachable by our email system. Although it's unfortunate, email is constantly changing, and landing in the inbox will continue to be challenging. Our Research Department will continue to update this data and look for ways to get your work in creatives' inboxes. Knowing who you can't reach via email will allow you to strategize different ways to get your work in front of these decision-makers.


These contacts have indicated they no longer wish to receive bulk email promotions. The contact might have globally unsubscribed from our Directory, or they could have unsubscribed from past emails you have sent. Either way, they give us the vital information that they no longer want emails allowing us to strategize different ways to get their attention. You can send direct mail, follow and engage on social, send a DM on LinkedIn, etc.


These contacts appeared multiple times, and our system will remove the duplicates; this happens when you select multiple lists for one email campaign. You can rest assured that our system will always remove duplicates, making sure a contact will never get the same email twice from one email send.

No email available

These contacts don't currently have a verified email address listed; this usually means our Research Department cannot verify an email address for them. We will continue to contact them every 90-days and try to get their email address added. As we get them added, you will see them populate into our Directory. However, the advice is to find other means to promote your work to these contacts as well.

Omitted Contacts

Between the time you schedule your email to send and the time it is sent, some directory changes happened. As a result, specific contacts may have been omitted for one of three reasons.

  1. Our system has flagged them as unreachable by email.

  2. They may have unsubscribed from our directory or you personally.

  3. They have no email available and have been removed by our Research Department until they can verify the email address again.

After you send your email, you will have the opportunity to view omitted contacts within your email stats.

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