If you are looking to migrate over to the New App full time, you might wonder how to get your personal contacts into the new system. Great news, we already did the work, so you don't have to. This article will point out a few things about how our system works with Personal Contacts stored in our Legacy app.

Locating Personal Contact

We treat Personal Contacts differently than Directory Contacts, and there is no need to migrate these lists as they are already available to you on the New App. If you are on the Agency Access Legacy App, you probably have been using the accessNetwork. Within this section, you have folders to help you keep your Personal Contacts organized; these folders will convert automatically into a Tag in the New App.

If you are using the ADBASE App, you are used to the Contact Manager. Within the Manage Groups area, you had Group Names. Now, these folders will convert automatically into a Tag in the New App.

Now that you understand how folders and groups will present themselves in the new app let's take a look. On the top of the Legacy app, there is a shim with a "Try it Now" button. Select this button; this will bring you to the dashboard of the New App.

Agency Access Legacy:

ADBASE Legacy:

The first place you can locate your folders or groups is within the New App settings. From the dashboard, select the "Account" or your "Initials Avatar." Under the tags section, you will now see all your folders from accessNetwork or groups from your "Contact Manager."

Accessing your Personal Contacts

From your dashboard, select "Creative Directory;" this will bring up our Search Contacts screen, and you can select the "Search" button.

That action will bring you to the Directory, and contacts will appear on your screen. On the right-hand side, you will see our runtime filters toolbar. On the top, the Directory tab will be selected by default. Select the "Personal" tab, and a full list of your personal contacts will appear to the left. A lock icon will appear over the contact's initials, indicating that these contacts are locked from updates, and only you can edit these contacts.

To locate your previous folders or groups, select the "Tags" drop-down arrow within the runtime filters toolbar towards the bottom. You should see a list of all your previous folders or groups from the Legacy app.

Tip: Changes you make in the New App will also change in the Legacy app and vice-versa. You can choose to use either app, for now, to organize your tags further.

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