Humanizing ourselves is essential these days when marketing our services to someone you might not have a relationship with yet, even if you are sending a marketing email to existing clients or contacts you know but haven't been in touch with for a while. Adding personalization can be a nice touch for your next email send.

Merge Tags Using our Designer Templates

Within our Designer Templates, you can add a First Name, Last Name or an Email address as a merge tag. Start by selecting the template you would like to use and at any point, add one of our merge tags by following these simple steps below.

Create Email:

Select Design Template:

Identify where you want your merge tag:

Creating a Merge Tag

Using one of the modules with text in them, type the word that you want in front of the merge tag field, such as Hi, Hello or Hey. Enter a sample name like in the example below. Highlight the sample name and a toolbar will appear above; then, click the person icon.

Choose from the fields you would like to add, i.e First Name, Last Name, or Email, and test your email to be sure it's working as expected.

Merge Tags Using our Plain Text Templates

Within our Plain Text Templates, you can add a First Name, Last Name, Email, and Company if needed as a merge tag. Start by selecting the Plain Text Template and add one of our merge tags by following these simple steps.

Insert Personalization:

Select where you want your merge tag:

Review your merge tag for accuracy and send a test:

Testing Merge Tags

When testing your emails, merge tags will pull in the member's information located in settings. If your merge tags are not pulling in data, review your contact info in settings to make sure you have your account up-to-date.

If you want to test further, we advise you to create and send an actual email to yourself as a personal contact with an appropriate contact field. This way you can see how it looks when sent to an actual list. It's important that you are happy with how it looks before you schedule the email.

Important: If you are using a merge tag, make sure all your contacts have that field populated. If not, at least make sure you test how your message reads without the merge tag populated. Many times the message will fall apart without the proper contact field in place.

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