Whether you're taking a break or need to slow down and save your cash flow, we make it easy. Our month-to-month programs allow you to cancel anytime. In this article, we break down the different types of memberships and cancellation terms for each program, as well as what will happen to your data.

Historical Data

Upon cancellation, you will lose all access to the platform and any personal data or information stored within your account. All saved lists, tags, and email campaigns will no longer be available through your Agency Access account after the cancellation date. If you are looking to keep this data accessible for when you return, you can Get in Touch with support for additional hold options that might be available.

Types of Memberships

Month-to-Month Memberships and Trial Members

You can cancel at any time with our new monthly memberships. Requests to cancel must happen before your monthly renewal date. On the day you cancel your membership, your membership will remain active until your monthly renewal date approaches. On your renewal date, your credit card will not be charged, and your membership will be turned off.

Annual Auto-Renewal Memberships

These memberships auto-renew every year. Cancellation requests can be processed any time throughout the year but will only go into effect on the annual anniversary date of the membership.

Annual Legacy Memberships

Our Legacy memberships are contracted for 12-15 months, and there are no cancellations. These programs do not auto-renew, and your Account Rep will contact you 60 days before your expiry date. You will have the option to renew and sign up for our new month-to-month and annual Auto-Renewal programs at this time.

How to Cancel Your Membership

Access the Account/Settings window by clicking the "Account" link from your dashboard or select the bubble with your initials towards the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Then, select "Settings."

When you get into the "Account" modal, select the "Membership" section and scroll to the bottom, and click "Cancel."

This action will bring you to a new page where you can select the reason why you are canceling. Click the "Cancel Membership" button to complete your request. Your request will happen immediately, and you will continue to have access until your monthly (or annual) renewal date.

If at any time you change your mind after you cancel your membership, come back to the membership section and select "Undo."

Important Policies Around Cancellation

Declined Payments Are Not Cancellations

If you had any past due payments, you are still responsible for these payments even after a cancellation request is processed. This means all payments due before your cancellation request was received will need to be paid in full.

We Only Have One Way to Submit a Cancellation Request

To process a cancellation, members must submit requests through the website within the "Settings" area of the New App. We do not accept cancellation requests via live chat, email, or phone. Employees cannot handle these requests.

Database Usage

Upon cancellation, all Agency Access data must be purged and no longer used after your cancellation date. Because you no longer have a license to utilize the database, it's mandatory to remove any files you may have had on your hard drive, in your CRM software, or uploaded into a third-party email system like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Canceled members continuing to use the database after their license has been terminated will be required to pay the penalty fees as laid out in our Terms & Conditions to which you agree to when purchasing your membership.

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