Tasks are assignments that you give yourself for a specific contact. Set detailed tasks to call, email, or follow-up with your most important contacts. With functions like adding due dates and general notes, tasks are a great way to keep yourself and your business organized. Follow the steps to start creating tasks and notes for your contacts.

Adding Notes

Locate the contact you wish to add a note to and click on their name or the three-dot menu and select "View Contact." This action will bring you to the "Contact Details" screen, where you can navigate to the Notes & Tasks section.

From the "Notes & Tasks" page, you can select the "Add" link within the Notes window to add a note that will link to the contact. Notes can consist of any information you feel is necessary to remain within the contact. You can add notes to Agency Access "Directory Contacts" or your "Personal Contacts."

After you hit "Add," the "Edit a Note" modal will open up. Add your note that you want to save and hit "Save."

Once saved, you will see the new note added to the "Notes" section of the contact record. You can edit or delete any notes associated with a contact at a later time if you choose to do so.

Adding Tasks

To add a Task, select the "Add" link within the tasks section. Like notes, you can add a description or a message to yourself, but furthermore, you can set a date in the future as a reminder.

After hitting the "Add" link, the "Edit a Task" modal will open up. Within the modal, you can select the "Type" of task, a due date, details, and mark a task as completed. Task types can be added and edited within your settings, and you can also manage your tasks in the "Manage Tasks" section of the site. After you fill in all the necessary information, click the "Save" button to finish.

Once you save the task, you will see a copy of the task in the order of its due date within the "Notes & Tasks" section of the "Contact Details." You can continue to manage your tasks from the specific contact record, or you can review, edit, and mark completed within the "Manage Tasks" section of the application.

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