There are two ways to work with segments when building and targeting your lists: adding a new segment to an existing list and editing a segment after you've already made your selections.

Adding a Segment

Within the "All Segment" section, click the green plus symbol; this will open up the segment modal.

Within the segment modal, you can now select the company type and additional criteria, which will refine your segment and target your results.

Choose from the following Company Types:

  • Agencies

  • Architects

  • Corporations

  • Design Firms

  • Fine Art

  • Magazines

  • Media Companies

  • Publishing

  • Production

  • Record Companies

Choose from the following Criteria Selections:

  • Specialty

  • Location

  • Role

  • Promo Preferences

  • Promo Clicks

  • Promo Opens

Pro Tip

Build highly targeted list of contacts that are engaged in your email promotions by choosing "Promo Opened" and "Promo Clicked." Select this criteria to plan your targeted follow-up.

Editing a Segment

Within the individual segments click the three-dot action menu. From the menu options select the "Edit" option.

This will open up the original segment modal and you will be able to edit your existing criteria. Make your selections and hit the "Save Segment" button in order for your selections to be applied.


Editing criteria could potentially remove companies and contacts that were already selected from your original results. Make sure your selections are what you want before you select the "Save Segment" button.

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