Downloading Mailing Labels

Export and format your marketing lists and print mailing labels right from the studio.

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There are two spots within the app where members can download labels. This article will show you how to choose the right label size/format and export your PDF label file so you can print mailing labels from the comfort of your own desktop.

Downloading Labels from Your Saved List Page

Navigate to your "Lists" page and locate the list you would like to export as mailing labels. Expand the three-dot menu to the right of the list and click "Print Labels."

Selecting "Print Labels" will open the Mailing Labels modal; this is where you will make your selections. If you are using an Avery label, review our list of supported Avery labels and choose the correct option.

If you are not using Avery labels, look at the packaging as it may suggest what Avery size they are compatible with. If not, review the labels' size, how many are across the sheet, and how many are down the sheet; this will help you locate the supported size you need to select. Once you determine the right label, select the match within the "Label Type" drop-down list.

Once you have your labels selected and settings in place, you can click the "Download" button or print a test page. To print a test page select the down arrow located to the right of the "Download" button which will show the "Download First Page" option. Your labels will then download a PDF to your downloads folder, open Adobe Acrobat reader, or trigger your computer's default setting for PDF downloads.

Label Modal Settings

Vertical Position and Horizontal Position:

It would be best if you didn't have to touch your labels' positioning unless your labels are not lining up correctly. If your labels do not line up, be sure to check the printer settings in your print dialog box first before changing these settings. If that doesn't work, then it's suggested to adjust the position a little at a time until your labels line up.

Pro Tip: We recommend printing a test page. By printing a test page, you will ensure that you are not printing too many pages and wasting your labels. We recommend printing test pages on regular white paper, placing a sheet of labels behind the paper, and holding it up to the light. You should be able to determine if the labels are lining up.

Add Countries to Labels:

If you are mailing in the United States and live in the States, you do not need to add the Country to your labels; this will save room for that second address line.

Pro Tip: If you are mailing internationally, the opposite is true, and it's required to add the Country. If you do not add the Country field to your labels you will risk the chance of your mailing never reaching its destination.

Printing PDF Labels

If your PDF downloaded to your computer, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print a test page. All print dialogue boxes are different but if your test page does not line up, look for a setting that says "Fit to printable area." If this is not selected and your labels aren't lining up, deselect this setting and try again and vice versa. If this still doesn't work, you can make adjustments to the alignment and download another test page. If you find yourself continuing to have trouble getting your labels to line up please feel free to Get in Touch with the Support department at Agency Access. We will troubleshoot the issue with you until we get your labels printing properly. Keep in mind our support reps may require you to share your screen with them in order to troubleshoot the issue on your computer.

Downloading Labels from Multiple Saved Lists

If you want to download labels for multiple lists at once, select each of the lists you wish to download by checking the box next to your list name. Navigate down to the “Export” button and click “Print Labels.” Downloading and printing labels for multiple lists at the same time will remove any duplicates between the lists.

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