The Agency Access database has hundreds of updates daily, and lists refresh automatically, ensuring your mailing lists are always accurate. Lists automatically refresh before sending an email, downloading a database file, and even before you print mailing labels. Below, we will walk you through the steps needed to update a list before use.

List Refresh

When there are updates to a list, a green alert will be visible, showing updates are available. From your "Lists" page, click the three-dot action menu to the right of the list you want to update. From there, select the "Edit" option in the menu.

A "List Updates" modal will open, letting you know what is being added and removed from your list. You will receive a count of:

  • "New Contacts" added to your results that you can now choose to add to your list.
  • "Updated" contacts our research department has identified (i.e., last name change or new email address)
  • "Contacts Removed" because they no longer meet the list criteria or have been removed from the database altogether.

To update the list, all you need to do is select the "Update Automatically" button, and the system does the work for you.

From there, you will see the list editor results, including the new total amount of contacts in your list after the update. After the refresh has taken place, you can choose to make further edits to your list or close it and keep the list the way it is.

When you leave the list editor and land back on the "Lists" page, you will see the

contact totals updated, and the green update alert should no longer be visible.

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