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Choosing your Recipients List & Scheduling an Email Promo
Choosing your Recipients List & Scheduling an Email Promo

Ensuring proper email setup before sending is crucial. Choose your list, preview your email, and schedule all from our Email Builder.

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Before hitting that schedule button on an email send, you need to make sure everything has been set up correctly. This article will lay out everything you need to know to get your email scheduled correctly and to your desired audience.

Start by locating the email you want to schedule on the "Drafts" page. Then, expand the three-dot menu and click "Schedule." This action will open up the "Schedule" modal. You can also get to the "Schedule" modal from inside the Email Builder. While in editing mode, hit the calendar icon on the left-hand navigation bar.

Now that the "Schedule" modal is open, you can start selecting your recipients. There are three types of recipients you can choose from:

  • Lists Recipients

  • Tags Recipients

  • Individual Recipients

We will cover each of these so that you can get familiar with them.

First is your "List Recipients," which come from the List Builder. These are the lists you built using Segments and Criteria. Check off the lists you want to include in your email send, and they will be added automatically.

Next, we have your "Tagged Recipients." These come from the Directory or your Personal Database. Check off the Tags you want to include, and they will be added automatically.

Last but not least is "Individual Recipients," which you can add as a one-off contact at the time of scheduling. This option comes in handy when you want to add yourself to the list, an employee, or maybe a family member to show off your new work. Add the contact details and click "Add."

Once all your Lists, Tags, and Individual Recipients have been added, you should see them listed along with the final list amount. Hover over the green bubble to see the breakdown of people who accept emails, people who are unreachable by email, have unsubscribed, duplicates and have no email available.

Then move onto the "From" and add your "Display Name" and "Email Address." The display name will show up in the email clients that support this feature. In email clients that don't support a "From" line (i.e., Gmail), recipients will see your email address in its place. Click "Update" and move on to the "Subject" section.

In the "Subject" section, add your subject line. We recommended using a subject line tester to help increase your chances of deliverability. A few we like are:

Once you've completed your testing and added your subject line, you can choose to add preview text. Preview text will show up in email clients as well as on mobile devices. It's a great way to explain the content to the user to help with engagement. Add your preview text and click "Update" to move on to the next step.

The last step in the setup is the "Date." You have the option to send it right away or schedule it for a later date or time. Make your selection and click "Update" to complete the setup.

The last and final step is to hit the "Schedule" button at the top of the "Schedule" modal. Before you select this, make sure you review all your work:

  • Review the lists you've selected

  • Make sure your subject line and email address are correct

  • Check your subject line to ensure it is what you intended

  • Review the delivery date and make sure it lines up with what you selected

We even suggest sending one final test to double-check. Once you feel good and approved everything, select "Schedule," and you're done!

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