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Changing, Editing & Hyperlinking Fonts in Modules
Changing, Editing & Hyperlinking Fonts in Modules

Easily edit & change font colors, adjust alignment and hyperlink text to a website, or add a mail:to email link within a Designer Template.

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How you set up and use fonts in your email template is incredibly important. This article will review how to change & edit your fonts, adjust alignment and hyperlinking them to navigate users to the desired destinations.

Changing and Editing Fonts

To change a font, select the module you want to edit. You will see the fonts and settings associated with the selected module on the left-hand side. When changing the font size, we recommend previewing your changes on both desktop and mobile by using the preview toggle at the top of the builder.

To change the copy, all you need to do is click into the area you want to change and begin typing.

Hyperlinking Buttons

To hyperlink a button, hover over the button and add the desired destination's URL. Be sure to add HTTP://, www., or both and select the check circle. If the circle turns white, the link took and has been saved. You can test the link by selecting the preview icon on the left-hand side in the settings toolbar.

Hyperlinking Text

To hyperlink text, drag your mouse over the text you wish to link. When the editor opens on the left-hand side, highlight the text and select the link icon on the control menu.

After hitting the link icon, the control for adding a URL will appear. Add the desired destination's URL; here, you can change the link color if you'd like.

Aligning Text

To re-align text, drag your mouse over the text you wish to modify, then select the alignment icon on the control menu.

After clicking the alignment icon, the control for changing the font alignment will appear. You can adjust the text to align right, left, center, or justified.

Pro Tip: Not all text modules support adjusting alignment at this time.

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