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Designing an Email Using our Designer Templates
Designing an Email Using our Designer Templates

Everything you need to create eye-catching emails with our new Designer Templates and easy-to-use Email Builder.

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With our modular-based Email Builder, creating eye-catching emails has never been easier. Choose from Designer Templates, upload your own HTML, or send a plain text email. Below are the steps to building an email with our Designer Templates.

Start by opening up the email section.

In the top left-hand side of the page, click the green plus button and then select "Create Email." This action will allow choose one of three email options.

The most common type of email will be created with Responsive Templates. Select the template type, in this case Responsive.

We currently have four templates to choose from with hundreds of ways to customize your email to be unique and branded for your business. Expand the three-dot menu and click "Use this template" on the template of your choice.

After choosing your template, the "Give your email a name" modal will open. Give your email a name and click "Continue." Email names can be anything that helps you identify your email later and is for internal use only. When you schedule your email, you will choose the subject line that is best suited for your content.

Selecting "Continue" will bring you to the Email Builder page; this is where all the customization occurs, and you can get creative. All our modules have placeholder copy and images to help you get a feel for the module's best use case.

Simply drag and drop the modules you desire in place and start building your email. To get the full experience of building an email, check out our Emailer Tutorial to see a live demonstration of how to use the Email Builder.

After you drag your modules over, you will see your email starting to take form. Remember to hyperlink your photos and text to direct contacts to your website. You can check out our article on Changing, Editing & Hyperlinking Fonts in Modules to get a more detailed view on these features, but for now, here are the basics.

When editing a module, you will see the controls specific to that module on the Email Builder's left-hand side under the "Styles" tab. You can choose from web-safe fonts or hundreds of Google fonts. You can change the color of your headlines, body text, and link text too.

A web-safe font is a font that is considered a 'safe bet,' meaning it's most likely downloaded on the majority of computers. Every computer has default fonts built-in so that it can display the text correctly. If you are looking to have complete control over your email's look and feel, we recommend using a web-safe font in your design.

If you want to take your design to the next level, you can choose any of the Google fonts available. This action will allow you to keep your brand consistent with your email marketing. While web font's don't have universal support, here are the programs where they are supported:

  • Apple Mail

  • iOS Mail

  • Google Android

  • Samsung Mail (Android 8.0)

  • Outlook for Mac

  • Outlook App

In the case a recipient is not using one of the email clients listed, our system selects a fallback font that is the most compatible web-safe font for your design.

Once you have your email built and ready to send, be sure to review how it looks on mobile using the toggle on the top of the screen. If everything looks good, you are ready to send a test email. On the left-hand panel, select the arrow mail icon, which will open up the "Send a Test" modal.

From the "Send a Test" modal, add in your email and click "OK." Email tests come from or, so it's best you mark both these emails off as "Not Spam," i.e., whitelist this email. Because you will continue to test emails, this will speed up the process and avoid any spam filters from being triggered while you are in the testing phase.

Check your email and look everything over. The "From" line will be "AXS Campaign Preview." You will be able to select your personal "From" line and email address when you schedule your campaign.

Be sure to review your test email slowly. Ensure all your images are linked, review your copy, and make sure your email links are working correctly. All our emails are responsive, but we strongly recommend you check your test email on a mobile device too.

Suppose you need to edit and make changes; visit Editing an Email from Drafts. If everything looks good, you can see Choosing Recipients & Scheduling an Email Send to walk through those steps and send your email.

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