For now, the New App does not support bulk uploading Personal Contacts. However, you can upload Personal Contacts in mass from the Legacy Apps. For Legacy Agency Access users, upload your Personal Contacts within "accessNetwork." Folders will upload as Tags, making it easy to keep your Personal Contacts organized.

In the next couple of months, we will be launching a way to upload Personal Contacts in bulk from the New App. If you are having trouble getting your Personal Contacts migrated from the Legacy App or are not a Legacy user and don't have access to the Legacy side, Get in Touch. We will upload your contacts for you and migrate them into the new system.

Follow these steps to upload your Personal Contacts in bulk using the Agency Access Legacy App.

Choose a "CSV" or "Vcard" format.

Remember to map your fields and name your folder. The folder name will migrate over as a Tag in the New App. Be mindful of naming it something suited for a Tag within the New App. Select "Continue to Import."

Remember the Folder will migrate over to a Tag on the New App.

Check the New App to make sure they migrated over properly. If you do not see your list(s) or they are not as you expected them, Get in Touch.

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