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Adding & Managing Personal Contacts
Adding & Managing Personal Contacts

Add, organize, and manage your Personal Contacts in the Directory.

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The Agency Access database is full of Creative Contacts, but the platform was built for members to utilize with their Personal Contacts as well. Managing all your contacts in one place will save you time and energy when organizing your business. Here is how you can add, organize, and manage your Personal Contacts within the Agency Access platform.

To add Personal Contacts to your database, start by going to the My Contacts section. From here you will hit the green plus button and click the "Add Contact" button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

This button will open a modal where you can add your contact's information and address. You can add custom fields right from the modal and even tag your newly added contacts, saving you valuable time.

Once you have entered the contact information you have the ability to Save or choose Save and New to create another contact.

Once you have your contacts added, they will show up in the My Contacts section. Agency Access Directory Contacts and a member's Personal Contacts are kept separate to avoid confusion.

To Edit a Personal Contact, expand the three-dot menu located to the right of the contact and click "Edit Contact"; this action will open up the "Contacts Edit" modal.

The "Contacts Edit" modal should look familiar. Here is where you can edit address information, phone numbers, emails, custom fields, and tags.

Another way to view your Personal Contacts is within the Contact Details page. Like before, select the three-dot menu of the contact you want to view; this action will bring you to the Contact Details page.

From this page, you can review the contact's contact info, custom fields, and tags.

You can also edit in this area by clicking the "Edit Details" button. Once selected, the contact's "Edit" modal will open again, and you can continue to edit the contact info, custom fields, and tags.

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