Tagging Directory Contacts

Utilize Tags to group together contacts with similar qualities and locate them quickly and easily for future use.

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Tagging allows you to group contacts with similar qualities and locate them quickly and easily for future use, i.e., dream clients, existing clients, bid clients, etc. In this article, you will learn how to utilize "Tags" in the Directory.

Tagging Individual Contacts

Once you have identified a contact you want to tag, expand the three-dot menu to the right of the contact. Within this menu, select "Manage Tags" to start the process of adding this contact to a tag.

Once you choose the "Manage Tags" selection, the "Manage Tags" modal will open. For a new tag click the green plus button on the top right corner of the Modal to "Create a new tag". You can then type out the name of the tag you want to create and click Finish; this will create the tag with a blue check box. Continue by clicking the "Save" button on the modal's bottom-left corner; this action will add the contact to the Tag. You should see a little confirmation bubble confirming this contact has been added to the selected Tag.

To ensure the contact was added to the correct Tag, navigate to the "Tags" filter and check off the Tag you added the contact to. The contact you added should come up in the results.

Tagging Multiple Contacts

You can also check off multiple contacts you want to add to a specific Tag simultaneously. Check each contact off on the left-hand side of the results table and navigate down to the "Add to List" button; this is what we reference as a split button; there is another menu item behind the button. Select the down arrow on the right side of the button to pull up the "Manage Tags" selection and select it.

The "Manage Tags" modal will open up, allowing you to check off the Tag(s) you want to associate with your selections. You can check one Tag or multiple Tags during this step. After you checked off the Tag(s) you want, select the "Save" button to record your selections.

Manage Tags

If you want to see what tags a contact has associated with the record or manage tags for a specific record, you can follow these steps. Expand the three-dot menu on the contact record you want to review. From there, select the "View Contact" option; this will bring you to the Contact Details page.

From here, you can see what Tags are associated with the contact you are viewing. If there were no Tags associated with the contact, you would not see the "Tags" tab show up.

You can also choose to edit this contact record. Once you click the "Edit Contact" button, a modal will open under the contact's title. In this modal, you can choose "Tags" and manage the options for this contact.

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