"Directory Contacts" and "Personal Contacts" are the two types of contacts listed in the Directory. In this article, we will lay out the difference between the two and the features available.

Directory Contacts

Also known as Agency Access Contacts, these come from the database to which you are subscribed. Our Research Department updates these contacts daily, made available to members every night at 9 pm EST. All contacts and companies are updated every 90 days totaling four updates a year. Our research Department makes hundreds of updates a day, making it tens of thousands a year. The Agency Access database is one of a kind and the most comprehensive in the industry.

Directory Contacts can be added as a Handpicked List and added to any lists within the List Builder. You can also add these contacts to any of your "Tags" within the database.

Personal Contacts

Contacts that you have added to your "Personal Contacts" list. These contacts are account-specific and must be updated by the member. Personal Contacts are identified in the database with a lock icon over the initials; this indicates that these lists are locked from updates and are only visible to you.

You cannot add "Personal Contacts" to a Handpicked List; however, you can "Tag" them, which will allow you to add them to an email send when scheduling your emails.

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